Functional Nutrition to Feel Like You Imagine  


You Deserve to Feel Great, But Do You?

Is your doctor telling you everything is 'fine', but in reality you're…

  • Wondering if this is your new normal?
  • Exhausted and run down?
  • Feeling more and more stressed and worse by the day? 
  • Living with a chronic disease or worried about developing one? 
  • Having trouble getting pregnant, making it through the day after giving birth or have issues related to menopause?

You don’t have to live like this for another day. You deserve to feel great... the way you imagine you can and should.

You Can Feel Great When You Know How to Support Your Body and Mind


Discover achievable and doable steps to improve your health and wellness. Understand which foods, supplements, and lifestyle choices are right for you.


Live well. Stress less. Have more energy to meet life’s demands and do the things you want to do and love. Take control now and feel normal again.


Komme deinem großen Wunsch ein Baby in den Armen zu halten ein ganzes Stück näher! Verstehe die Bedürfnisse deines Körpers besser, bereite dich optimal auf deine Schwangerschaft vor und genieße das Leben mit deiner Familie. 

Life is too short to not feel good

Carola Kissel

I understand how difficult it is to not feel well. When I moved to the U.S. years ago, my health changed. Every doctor I saw told me I was fine, but I felt worse and worse. I had zero energy, brain fog, was feeling very stressed and was growing more depressed and anxious by the day. In addition, I struggled to get pregnant again.

By chance, I met a nutritionist who helped me discover alternative nutrition approaches to regain my health, and I started learning everything I could about this approach. The more I learned, the more I could see the power of Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition. Therefore, I decided to get a Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health, so I could become a Functional Nutritionist and help other women who are struggling with their health and wellness. Nutrition and Integrative Health zu machen, um anderen Frauen mit ähnlichen Problemen zu helfen.

Meine absolute Begeisterung und Faszination für funktionelle Ernährung & Medizin hält nach wie vor an, da ich die Auswirkungen auf mein Leben, das meiner Tochter und das meiner Klienten gesehen habe. Ich freue mich sehr, diese besondere Herangehensweise nach Deutschland und Europa zu bringen und Frauen mit Kinderwunsch und hormonellen Problemen zu helfen, aber auch denen die sich einfach „nur“ wieder gut fühlen wollen. Wenn auch du es leid bist, dich nicht wie du selbst zu fühlen, es schwer hast schwanger zu werden oder nach der Geburt Schwierigkeiten hast den Alltag zu meistern, lade ich dich ein, einen Termin mit mir zu vereinbaren. Gemeinsam bringen wir dich auf den Weg zu mehr Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden. 

Carola Kissel
Master of Science Nutrition and Integrative Health
"Carola Kissel analyzed my health assessment, listened to my concerns and made some astonishingly accurate recommendations that were highly effective. There are very few health practitioners that are gifted in both the art and science of health, and Carola is one of them. I highly recommend her."
Stefanie M.
Patient of The Nutrition Effect

Get on the Path to Feeling Great with Functional Nutrition

1 Step

Undergo a face-to-face or virtual assessment, so we can get a full understanding of your current health.

2 Step

Start your customized nutrition and lifestyle plan, so we can watch your health continually improve.

3 Step

Continue to adapt and streamline your individual plan to get you feeling your best.

Why Wait to Feel Great?

More and more women are suffering from declining health and energy, which can lead to the development of chronic diseases. Others have difficulties getting pregnant, are struggling to get through the day after giving birth or have menopause related issues. Instead of getting better, they often end up feeling worse over time and get stuck in a downward spiral. Using a functional nutrition approach to understand their individual needs, I create a custom-tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan that helps people get on the path to better health and feel the way they imagine.

“Carola Kissel was incredibly knowledgeable and completely accurate in her recommendations regarding my diet during chemotherapy. She knew immediately I needed iron and protein as my body was being broken down and trying to rebuild during treatment. She had fully researched and identified clean, plant based supplements to augment a diet she had tailored to my needs. I am now fully recovered and was able to accelerate my recovery due to her partnership and nutritional knowledge.”
Patient of The Nutrition Effect