Have you ever asked yourself why you are so exhausted and drained at the end of the day, although there wasn´t any apparent stressor such as a long important meeting, a hard workout, a fight with someone you care about, or the like? Maybe you have realized that the older you get, the less resilient you become and the more stress is taking its toll.  

The truth is, that we get bombarded by unrecognized, small stressors throughout the day that add up, drain our energy, and make us feel exhausted. They also take a big part in unwanted overreactions (e.g. yelling at kids, unnecessary snappy comments to coworkers, etc. ). HeartMath is a wonderful, quick, and easy to use tool to reduce stress and shift negative to positive emotions

“It is NOT the event that creates stress – it is how we EMOTIONALLY RESPOND to a stressful event that has a powerful impact on mind, body, and spirit. HeartMath techniques help us to REGULATE how we respond emotionally, physically, and mentally to stress.” (HM certification course)

What are the benefits of practicing with HeartMath?

• Reduced fatigue and exhaustion.

• Enhanced ability to maintain composure during challenges.

• Promoted the body’s natural regenerative processes.

• Enhanced ability to think clearly and find better results. 

• Improved ability to learn and achieve higher test scores.

• Increased access to intuitive intelligence.

Only 2x5 minutes of HeartMath practice a day can have a significant effect on your wellbeing. Schedule a free consultation with me to explore HeartMath for you, so you can start feeling better and more energetic every day.