Personalisierte Ernährung & Deine Gene

Nutrigenomics is a fairly new concept. This science studies the relationship between the human genome, nutrition and health. It helps us to understand how foods you consume may affect your metabolism and ultimately the genes, as well as how specific nutrients may support the appropriate gene expression (i.e. turning genes ‘on’ and ‘off’). Nutrigenomics takes personalized nutrition even one step further as it allows us to tailor your nutrition and lifestyle plans based on your very specific needs.

Why is nutrigenomics important?

  • Your genetic data is a gold mine of information about your health. Knowing your genetic makeup will allow me to be much more precise in my recommendations. 
  • It might be the missing link why you do have hormonal issues, why you cannot get pregnant, have menopausal or PMS issues, unexplained weight gain and other problems related to woman’s health.
  • I can use your data to find the right solutions (diet and lifestyle) for your genetic susceptibility and ways to prevent chronic diseases.   

Is nutrigenomics right for you?

Have you tried many things, but you feel like something is missing? You have been very diligent with your diet and lifestyle choices, but you are not getting the results you would like? Maybe your presumed ‘healthy’ choices are actually not optimal for your body -- or your genes don´t allow an optimal utilization of the nutrients you consume, so your metabolism is not functioning an it´s optimum. 

If you would like to learn more about the impact of your genes, keep in mind that genetic predispositions on its own rarely causes issues. It is the combination of genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors (diet, lifestyle, sleep, and microbiome etc.) that can cause problems. Therefore, it is important to work together with a health professional who can put together all the different information to see how far those genetic markers do affect your health and wellbeing and what you can actually do about it.   Nutrigenomics